Sigma International
Leading enterprise development and advisory partner in Africa and beyond

OUR quality policy

We, the Management of Sigma International are committed to the planning, implementation, maintenance, review
and continuous improvement of our Quality Management system. In support of these processes, we will ensure that the necessary training, human and monetary resources are available to consistently deliver quality services, which comply with all applicable legislation and meet customer specifications and expectations.
We will achieve this through our commitment to:

Customer and Stakeholder Focus

Customers and stakeholders are our lifeblood. Meeting and exceeding their needs constitutes our primary objective. We have a customer-centric organisational philosophy, which is premised on a focus on client needs.


We strive to work in a methodical and consistent manner in order to maintain a high-quality work product.


We will establish and communicate the purpose and direction of our organisation and lead by setting an example for our staff, suppliers and customers.

Involvement of Our People

We will involve all people, enabling ownership, accountability and responsibility. We will continually develop our staff as we recognise their value in our business, in delivering our services and representing our brand.

Continual Improvement and Innovation

Continual improvement and innovation is a permanent objective

Maintain Appropriate Skills–set for Customer Base

We will continually assess the needs of our customers; and ensure that our service offering and skills-set are appropriate to remain relevant in the market and provide quality advisory services.

Factual Approach to Decision Making

Decision-making is based on the analysis of reliable data and confirmation.

Performance and Accountability

Our aim for high performance and assuming accountability are key ingredients of success.

Professionalism and Efficiency

We endeavour to act with integrity and respect towards others.This includes the need to behave and carry ourselves in a professional manner and ensure that we work efficiently in order to meet clients’ expectations.

 Confidentiality and data integrity

We undertake to ensure that clients’ information is kept confidential and to safeguard the integrity of data proprietary to our clients. Quality Objectives will be established and reviewed on an annual basis.

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