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Leading enterprise development and advisory partner in Africa and beyond

The Products and Services

Sigma International’s progressive range of products and services are tailored to suit the needs of its clients. 

1. Management Consulting and Enterprise Development 

Enterprise development is a business imperative for most organisations that are serious about economic development, job creation and business transformation. Sigma International is a specialist enterprise development consultancy that has helped many corporate clients develop and implement their own enterprise development solutions.

1.1 Strategy Facilitation, Development and Implementation

Sigma International creates customised strategies based on the individual needs of the company’s diverse client base. By working with management or stakeholders committed to the process of organisational success, they are able to: identify key change areas; formulate targeted plans of action and together and work towards the restructuring of the business.

1.2 Business Diagnostics, Turn-around and Performance

Sigma International uses customised business diagnostics, tailor-made for each of the individual clients to help identify and flag key areas of stress in the business. Following an initial review of financial and operational aspects of the business, customised turnaround strategies are then created, aimed at producing profitable returns on assets and equity, and ensuring business sustainability. The hands-on, turn-around interventions together with a team of highly skilled professionals utilise a proactive approach by providing practical assistance in the form of training of front-line staff, identification of bottlenecks in production and other specialist services. This helps businesses improve their production efficiency, reduce wastage, reduce downtime, improve equipment utilisation and increase motivation and productivity. Collectively, this improves bottom-line profits and makes business more sustainable. The multi-pronged approach is the reason behind Sigma International’s high success rate in business turn-around. Sigma International is a specialist business turn-around and strategy development consulting house to IDC and Productivity SA. Via the programmes, these interventions require the performing of business diagnostics to be completed in each case, which we conduct. These businesses applied to the Department of Labour for assistance for business development and capacity development (including preparation of business plans for access to finance, market linkages, strategic planning, mentorship, business advisory and capacity building) Sigma International has provided business development  assistance to a broad range of industries, including the plastics, wood, steel, clothing and textiles, food, chemicals, printing , agriculture and the engineering industries. These interventions demand detailed business assessments.

Sigma International has over 10 years of experience in developing competitive business plan models for
successful commercialisation. Clients include various private sector companies, NEF, ITHALA, IDC, and SEDA. A unique element is in providing pre and post funding mentorship support. 1.4 Mentors hip and Post -Investment Support

Mentorship is an ideal platform for skills transfer and development.

Sigma International specialises in developing customised mentorship programmes and implementing them on behalf of clients. With in-depth experience in diverse industries and on international projects, the expert consultants are able to mentor and coach staff to help fast-track sustainable success.

Case Study

Jenny Govender, a one-time mentee and the owner of the award-winning Sanchia Guest House in Glenashley, Durban North, told how she had learned a lot from her mentor, Warren Ozard, the then operations manager of the KZN branch of the Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa (Fedhasa). “Go into this with an open mind. Be flexible to change and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Accept criticism and you will find the mentorship programme is very rewarding,” she advised.

Pum Mentorship Programme

Akash Singh is the local representative for the international PUM Netherlands Senior Retired Experts Mentorship Programme. This programme provides global retired industry experts free of charge to small businesses that have between 10-200 staff and who have been in operation for three years and over.

Case Study

Rock Solid Industries, near Pinetown, specialises in designing and manufacturing canopies and tool boxes for multiple industries, particularly in the leisure, mining, transport and construction sectors. Harry Reinjgoud, a mechanical and automotive engineer, a senior expert in the automotive industry and the associated fields, was the appointed Dutch consultant. He flew out to the company’s factory where he made a range of practical
recommendations. Owner Mike Voss said, “It was clearly beneficial to have fresh eyes, particularly international ones, looking at the operation and the potential.”


Up-skilling and the transfer of skills are essential for the development of high performance organisations. Sigma International provides customised training solutions to suit each organisation. This training portfolio includes training for executives as well as factory employees.

2. Project Management and Implementation

Customised project management, linking clientspecific requirements to international best practice, is management success. Sigma International has strong experience in this regard. Its approach is based on a 15 standardised, methodical and customised approach to planning, coordination and logistics implementation of all projects.Sigma International is a project manager and implementer of a wide range of specific projects in a number of key sectors.

Tourism Enterprise Partnership Programme

Since 2009 enterprise development support for the Tourism Enterprise Partnership (TEP) Programme provincially has been provided by Sigma International. This included providing support for finance, access to market and access to development skills.

Case Study

When entrepreneur Leon Rajoo was selected for the acclaimed tourism programme, he did not really know what to expect. “I kept hearing the word ‘great,’ and people kept telling me that I would soon get 1 000 new customers,” he recalled. Rajoo’s mentor and tourism guru was Linda Pampallis, Chief Executive of Thompsons South Africa. He greatly benefited from her years in the industry and got insights into how to keep better accounting records, enabling him to interpret his financial results and thus make informed decisions.

Nutrition Programme

Sigma International were also involved in the 2013 Pilot Project rollout for the ILembe Model of the National Schools Nutrition Programme (NSNP), which involved creating access to market for emerging farmers to meet the demand for the NSNP programme managed by the Department of Basic Education.

Case Study

Doing God’s Work

Hundreds of tons of vegetables − butternut, cabbage, spinach, green beans, tomatoes and onions − have already been grown for schools by the farmers in co-operatives in the four main areas of the region:
Ndwedwe, Maphumulo, Mandeni and KwaDukuza. “Growing a butternut in Maphumulo can feed a child in  Maphumalo,” said Akash Singh.

Subsequent to this the South Coast Development Agency and the Harry Gwala Development Agency (previously Sisonke) have been assisted in the planning and preparations for this project in their respective areas; as well as the full implementation of the programme for the uThungulu District Municipality. This programme has a high social impact on strengthening the local community, not only do children get fed, but local transport companies obtain work and farmers get paid almost immediately.

Other high social impact studies include:

Muzi Pan Canoeing, being a Social Responsibility Project for the Department of Tourism to develop tourism product in Umkhanyakude. This is a unique project that allows rural communities to access the adventure tourism economy on a sustainable basis. This project involves developing a tourism product that would allow visitors to experience the natural environment of the Jozini area (with in excess of 450 bird species). It is envisaged that more than 100 locals will be employed in this project during the implementation.

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